US, UK and HK Websites for a client in China.

A China-based asset management firm asked us to redesign their Web infrastruture and revamp their 3 regionals websites (HK, US, UK) to rebrand their corporate image internationally.

Features C# WebApi Joomla CMS Angular5 DevExtreme Chart Library

The original Web infrastructure is tightly couple with client firm's database in China. The client database is gigantic and complex and it is hard to make change easily. As a result, it can hardly support a modern responsive websites requirements


  • Redesign and propose a modern IT Web infrastructure with core firm's Database hosting in China and web and application server hosting in different regions.
  • Under tight schedule and liaise with different user group including IT team in China and Hong Kong and marketing team in HK,UK and US.
  • The firm has listed 30 Funds to public and they are all comply with regulatory requirements, user requests 100% data accuracy. Failing to give correct fund data will have monetary penalty from government.


We completed the project on time and within budget. Clients had successfully rebrand their company image by having latest responsive HTML5 sites managing on popular CMS. We have successfully redesign their Web Application Infrastructure by building staging web database and setup an API layer with client's legacy firm database. The staging web database provide audit trail on data change and make sure the data accuracy of the fund data. And the API layer provides flexibility for different branch office to query data from firm's database in China. Finally we provided well written user guides and setup CMS user training to different user groups. At the end, user across the branch offices can manage their site properly and update the content seamlessly.

Good experience to work with China based company. We gain practical non-tech knowledge related to China hosting and the corresponding IT security requirements. This project strengthens our ability to design and implement Web infrastructure across multi regions. It also gives us chance to master technologies including : Professional Charting library, Angular5, C# WebApi and Joomla CMS.

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