Automating Back-office Operations for a firm in Korea.

In 2017 a Koran-based asset management firm asked us to automate and streamline their back-office operations with technology aiming for increase efficiency and no errors.

Features Integration Automation Bloomberg API Replace VBA

The business flows involves many small, but different sequential operations; such as retrieve data from third-party market vendor, excel calculations, FTP, batch scheduling, reporting and monitoring. Any error on one operation will affect flows downstream.


  • Need monitoring and remediation method for each operation in the business flow.
  • Work liaise as we need to set up connection to market data vendor's API Bloomberg API in application.
  • As requested, we make sure the tool is Atomic, meaning if there is error in the middle of the flow, user can simply rerun the job to start from the beginning. Previously processed steps will be erased.


We replaced the legacy VBA excel sheets with a flexible Bloomberg linked batch applications. Our solution removed single Desktop/User dependency, streamlined operation flows and reduced human error. In short, the IT solution stabilized their fund publishing business operation flow.

Good experience learning typical listed-funds operations. It seems many financial institutions are still stacked with manual BAU tasks, they should automate for better efficiency and accuracy.

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