Microsoft HoloLens - Hands-On Testing.

As mentioned in the previous article, we will take a look at "Holograms" which is a major inbuilt feature that comes together with Microsoft Hololens.

Holograms are 3D model objects where you can "place" them in the mixed reality world. You'll then be able to visualize them with Hololens. The killing feature is that Holograms will be displayed in real world sizes respective to your surroundings, unlike seeing AR objects with mobiles. We can already imagine lots of applications for this, such as Interior Design - where you can showcase your Bedroom designs with furnitures and decorations. Whats more you can see proper "sizes" for the furnitures and see how they fit well in the room.

Holograms are easily shareable 3D objects where you can visualize them in real world sizes.

Holograms placed in Bedroom

Holograms app allows you to browse Holograms available on Microsoft store. Most of them are free, whereas some requires purchases. When placing Holograms, they will react according to the spatial environment. E.g. Paintings will auto-align itself back-to-back against the wall.

Windows 10 now comes with a "Paint 3D" application, it is a simple to use application that allows non-3D modelling experts to create 3D objects on the fly. The 3D object can be saved as standard 3D file formats such GLB, FBX (readable by 3DSMax Studio and other popular 3D modelling apps). Objects created with "Paint 3D" can be easily loaded by Hololens as a Hologram.

We believe Microsoft visualizes that in the near future, graphics are no longer just 2D images. Now even Microsoft Word accepts 3D objects in the documents. You can show-off your MS Powerpoint with 3D objects placed in the slides.


Holograms allows users to visualize virtual objects as if they exists in front of you. You can observe them from different angles with Hololens. AR with Mobile may produce the simliar effect, but it won't be able to "hide" objects behind walls, or having 3D objects to align veritically against walls.

One important synergically use-case for Holograms is to enable preview of products for online shops. At times, we have products such as clothes, apparels and jewelleries where we want to take a look at the "real" thing first before buying it. With Holograms + Hololens, this can be achieved. 3D model files can be downloaded from the shop's website and you can view it immediately with Hololens. Hololens will be able re-produce the object with real-life sizes given its spatial mapping capabilities.

Holograms benefits visual arts industry where designers can send their artwork in 3D for different business use cases. Also, consider how 3D printing technology is evolving rapidly. Art works / 3D model prototypes you draw with "Paint 3D" at home, can sent off and be printed into a physical object - all being done in a day's time.

On the next article, we'll discuss our experiences with Hololens coding using Unity.

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