Marketing in Games, "Growth Hack" your business in Roblox

Growth Hacking is a topic for companies to look for low-cost, innovative ways to rapidly grow their businesses. An example is digital marketing on online platforms such as websites and social media - comparatively cost less than posting real advertisements on Newspapers, TV. Most businesses has made their grounds on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Wechat etc. as a more intuitive way to reach out customers.

"Growth hack" your brand by marketing in unexplored lands such as gaming platforms.

However marketing on social platforms has all become very common - online marketeers are looking for unique alternatives to outbeat competitors. Recently we notice a trend from our clients and how brands are doing marketing in Games.

Roblox is a Massively Multiplier Online (MMO) platform in which you can create "Experiences" (usually Games) for players to join in. Quite popular amongst all ages, especially teens and kids due to its simple graphics, controls and easily accessible via your web browser. There are plenty of games suitable for everyone, e.g. action 🏹, roleplay 👮, party dressups 👗 and raising cutey pets 🐹.

As of Q4 2020 there are 37+ million active users daily 1. With so many active users online, businesses has taken the opportunity to promote their product and services via Roblox. We will check out some real-life examples of brands making their moves in the Roblox universe.

Netflix - Squid Game - Experience

"Netflix - Squid Game" is a recent popular hit on Netflix - please check it out here if you haven't seen it yet. *No spoilers* but various thrilling games in the series has been re-created as a Roblox experience where you can play and compete with your friends! Our play demos below.

The famous Green/Red Light game with the crappy doll!

Honeycomb game 🍯

Night time at the contestants room..

Marble Game

The series is rated MA+15 on Netflix2, however Roblox has rules in regards to content restrictions. Any violent, horrific theme and graphics are strictly prohibited3, so young players can still enjoy the thrills in a cartoonish way.

We believe "Squid game" has created more heat via Roblox. Many popular Youtube gamers such as PewDiePie are doing broadcasts on Roblox Squid game. Parents may even purchase Netflix subscription just to see the series when everyone is talking about it, including their kids! 👍 👍


In Roblox, you can customize your Avatar in the game with all sort of apparels - players definitely want a cool looking Avatar right 💃, as with all other online games. Items are sold in the Avatar shop and purchased with the in-game currency Robux (USD$4.99 per 400 Robux, as of writing). It is really a marketplace there, any Robux you earned from in-game sales, or by selling your Avatar items, can be cashed out into real money! more information here.

How cool would it be to wear high-end accessories and show it off to your friends? Gucci has made their digital footprint and selling their 3D-modelled bags and accessories on the Roblox Avatar shop.

A Gucci virtual exhibition experience was created at around May this year4, where avatar items are show cased and sold in their virtual Gucci shop. They also have themed rooms displaying their concept clothes and your avatar can try wearing them for selfies!

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Though audiences in Roblox are mainly young players, but may spark ROMI (return on marketing investment) if a parent is in a "LV vs Gucci scenario" for a handbag, and then end up choosing "Gucci" simply because the kids knows this brand from Roblox!


Businesses are looking for innovative ways to spark "growth hacking" - by marketing their brands in unexplored areas such as games.

Not just on Roblox, popular Online games such as PUBG had a cross-over with BlackPink just a few months ago, selling costumes, dance poses on PUBG in-game shops. Marketing in games is happening everywhere 💡.

Let us know if you want to explore any innovative growth hack ideas for your business!

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